The New Revelation.

As revealed through the Inner Word to Jakob Lorber.

Jakob Lorber - Gods Scribe


Just after six o'clock in the morning of 15 March 1840, Jakob Lorber heard a voice in the region of his heart, saying: "Rise, take your pen and write." And these were the first words of more than 10,000 pages in print, Lorber wrote down:

Thus spoke the Lord to me and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful and certain:

[1] “Whoever wishes to talk with Me, let him come to Me and I shall lay the answer in his heart. But only the pure whose heart is full of meekness shall hear the sound of
My voice.

[2] And he who prefers Me to all the world and loves Me like a tender bride her bridegroom, with him I shall walk arm in arm, and he will always behold Me like a brother his brother, and as I beheld him from eternity, before he was.” (The Household of God, volume 1, chapter 1).

Through the years Jakob Lorber left a work of unparalleled depth exploring the deepest secrets of life, ethics, love, family and many more as well and opening the inner meaning of scriptures to feed the soul of any true seeker..

The Love Principal

God intended us to have the love of our family to fuel the search for deeper love.

Family Love is a divine Gift

Family Love is a divine Gift

Loving God and practising charity is the purpose of life.

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