(by Albert Hoffmann 2011)

Between 1840 and 1863 Jakob Lorber brought to paper about 10,000 pages under divine inspiration, generally referred to as the New Revelation . The original manuscripts of Lorber and copies of some of the manuscripts by close friends of Lorber are still preserved until today in the archives of the Lorber Verlag (Publisher), Bietigheim, Germany.


Even some of Lorber’s fiercest critics have recognized that it is virtually impossible for one man to have the knowledge, wisdom and mental capacity to be able to bring such a vast amount of spiritual/scientific knowledge and visions in such a meaningful way to paper all by himself. A higher spiritual involvement had to be present to have accomplished this. W hether this higher inspiration is of a good or bad nature, is for each and everyone to decide for himself after at least reading a couple of the books of the New Revelation. If by only reading the book of Daniel in the Bible and based thereupon making statements about the content of the Bible as a whole, it could not be regarded as scientifically thorough. Correspondingly, by just reading a few extracts from this vast collection of the deepest spiritual secrets of life and drawing conclusions based thereupon, would be just as well scientifically invalid.

The German-British statistician, economist and writer E.F. Schumacher who gained international recognition for his best-seller “Small is beautiful”, refers to the New Revelation (NR) in his book “A guide for the perplexed” as follows: “They (the books of the NR) contain many strange things which are unacceptable to modern mentality, but at the same time contain such plethora of high wisdom and insight that it would be difficult to find anything more impressive in the whole of world literature.”

Since also Lorber himself admits and insists that he himself is only a humble scribe and that nothing he wrote is of his own origin, it is more correct to refer to the writings of Lorber as the New Revelation. Thus, it should be avoided to use the reference, “Lorber says or states this and that…”, but rather use the reference “The New Revelation says or states this and that…”. It should be noted that the reference “(The Lord:)” at the beginning of a narrative is not an addition by the editor but forms part of the extract from the New Revelation.

The purpose of this essay is to provide some essential extracts from the New Revelation (NR) to establish the credentials of Jakob Lorber as a true modern time prophet.


When realizing that all the writings of Lorber were put on paper before 1864, it is truly most remarkable that reference could have been made to the most relevant issues of our modern times affecting the globe as a whole, like internet communication, cold war and weapons of mass destruction, air pollution, deforestation, structure of the universe, big bang theory and other scientific phenomena only recently discovered, while still many other predictions and scientific phenomena have until today not been discovered, invented or understood by modern science.


A direct reference to internet communication can be found in the Great Gospel of John vol. 6, chapter 101, paragraph 13:

[13] (The Lord:) “What would you say if I told you that shortly after 2,000 years, calculated from now on, firstly this My teaching in general will look much worse than the worst heathenism and will be even worse than the current most blind phariseeism in Jerusalem, which from now on will not last longer than fifty years?! What would you say if I reveal to you, that the people in those times will invent and build large artificial eyes, by means they will look into the great depths of the starry sky and will set up an entirely different calculation than the Egyptians have set up?! Yes, people will make roads from iron and will drive with fire and steam in iron cars, as fast as a shot arrow flies through the air! They will fight each other with iron guns and will carry their letters by lightening in all the world, and their ships will, without sails and oars, move by the power of fire on the large oceans, so fast and easy as an eagle glides through the air; – and still thousands and again thousands of things more, which you are not able to imagine.”

Another indication of perhaps satellite communication is given in the Great Gospel of John vol. 9, chapter 94, paragraph 10-11 when according to the New Revelation a scribe was asking Jesus about the future spreading of the word and also the return of the Lord.

[10] The scribe said: “Thus, Asia, the old cradle of mankind and of many blessings from God, will not be fortunate anymore to see and hear You when You will return to this Earth? This is truly not joyful news for this continent.” [11] I said: “The Earth belongs to Me everywhere, and I know in which place My return will be most beneficial for the whole Earth. At that time however, men will be able to communicate with each other from one end of the earth to another as fast as lightning strikes from a cloud. And through the use of spirits bound in fire and water they will, riding on iron roads, cover the greatest distances on Earth, faster than the heaviest storms drive from one end of the Earth to another, and ships will, by means of these same powers, cross the big ocean in a much shorter time than currently the Romans from Rome to Egypt. As such it will be possible to spread the message of My personal return in a very short time over the whole Earth, and thus also to Asia.”


A clear cut reference about the cold war and weapons of mass destruction is given in the Great Gospel of John vol. 8, chapter 185, paragraph 9-12:

[9] (The Lord:) “With these weapons the inventive people will come to the point when soon no nation will be able to start a war against the other, for when two nations should attack each other with such weapons, they easily and quickly will exterminate each other up to the last man, which would certainly not give a true victory and gain for neither of them. Those kings and their generals will soon realize this, which is why they will rather tolerate each other in peace and good friendship. And if somewhere a very proud and ambitious disturber of the peace should rise and would attack his neighbour, then the peaceful ones will unite themselves and chastise him. And in this way the ancient peace will be set for the people on Earth and will be established durably. [10] If one wants to count from this My actual presence, almost 1800 and almost 90 years, there hardly will be any more wars on Earth, and more or less in that time, also My personal coming to this Earth will take place, and the greatest enlightenment of men will begin. [11] Although there still will be wars among the more primitive people of the Earth, but these will also soon become impossible among them. I will drive them together with the help of My righteous and mighty kings and generals and let them pour out My light among them, and then they also will be changed into peaceful nations dedicated to the light. [12] Behold, this is the 2nd kind of fire by which the people will be purified.”


It is perhaps excusable that mankind did not recognize the clear warning about air pollution given to the world in the New Revelation, The Great Gospel of John vol. 7, chapter 207, paragraph 12, since the internal combustion engine was just starting to appear around 1860. However, afterwards when motor vehicles became the prime means of transport all over the world and oil wells were drilled ever deeper into the earth, the warning should have been taken more seriously by both the churches and industrialists. It reads as follows: [12] (The Lord) “And at the end of this world-people period – however, not the end of this earth – it will happen as follows: Humans will during that same time, rather not level mountains to the base like the gold and gemstone searching Hanochites did, they will also not be able to antagonize the Romans anymore, however, they will by means of all kinds of machines driven by fire power, begin to drive unbelievable deep shafts and holes into the inner of the earth, whereby the highly flammable gasses push in great masses onto the surface of the earth. And once the atmospheric air is too much saturated with such gasses, it will start to ignite almost around the whole earth and burn everything to ashes. Only a few people will stay alive. However, those who will survive, will be people of the best kind. They will truly inhabit a totally new earth, and you and many who will come and be awakened after you in My name, will be their teachers and leaders.” Another reference to polluting the atmosphere can be found in the Great of John, vol. 8, chapter 186, paragraph 6: [5] In such cities, through excessive pursuit of profit, all kinds of factories will be build on a large scale, and instead of human hands the work will be done by fire and water, together with thousands kind of artful machines that are made of metal. The heating will be done by means of the ancient coals of the Earth that men will acquire in extremely great quantities from the depths of the Earth. [6] Once such activity will have attained its highest point by the force of the fire, the air of the Earth will become too strongly saturated on such places of the Earth with combustible kinds of ether, and these will soon ignite here and there and transform such cities and regions together with their many inhabitants into ruins and ashes, and that will then also be a great and effective purification. But whatever the produced fire will not have accomplished, that all kinds of great storms on Earth will accomplish, obviously only there where this will be necessary, for without necessity nothing will be burned or destroyed.


The following is a powerful, self-explaining extract taken from The Great Gospel of John, vol. 5, chapter 109, firstly outlining the negative consequences of deforestation, but also summarizing the free will issue of man and his relationship to God.

[01] (The Lord:) “Look at the mountains covered by forests and shrubs! Behold, they suck in all the with them agreeing nature-spirits (electricity, magnetic flux) in corresponding correct quantities! Go and deforest all the mountains and you will very soon feel the very bitter tasting results of it! Thereby huge masses of free and most rawest nature-spirits will begin to increasingly fill the air of the whole earth. They will begin, since they cannot find for themselves corresponding and useful places to live and to work, to seize each other in masses and by their unrestlessness and by their hunger and thirst (assimilation urge) cause the most severe and all-destructive storms and will destroy whole regions to such an extend that for the next hundreds or even thousands of years nothing will grow accept for a few moss plants here and there, like there are still today exist on this wide earth many wide stretched open spaces which are also without vegetation like a desolate and deaf limestone at the shores of the Dead Sea in lower Palestine where the Jordan ends.

[02] Yes, is this also My will? Oh no! Since where people are free willing and must also act freely to become people also in the spirit, I absolutely do not want anything – even if man carries on like mad -, but I only allow it so that man can achieve what he so desperately has strived for as if his whole life’s felicity depends on it. May then the results be good or bad, for Me it is just the same! Self created, – self having! Even if I know what subsequently will happen, I still cannot interfere preventive with My almightiness. Because if I do this, man ceases to be man. He then is only an enlivened machine and nothing else and eternally cannot be of any value for himself or for Me. Since he equals a writer who by himself is not able to write down only one syllable, but since he still has to write, a skilled writer has to guide his hand from A to Z, and if he has written an essay in this manner, he still is not able to comprehend it. And even if he has written in this manner hundred-thousand letters, he still is just as little a writer than the pen he used to write with. Just as little would also man of this earth be man, if he not consistently be allowed his free will and also to act accordingly.

[03] The will can be guided by all kinds of teachings and laws; however, neither teaching nor any law is a brake for the free will to execute what he wants. If the will of man wants to accept a teaching and a law as guideline for his actions, he will direct himself accordingly without any compulsion; however, if he does not want to, no power of the world and the heavens can and is also not allowed to force him to do it! For as said: Without the free will, man is not man anymore, but only a purely nature-enlivened machine, like man in time will invent such machines which can perform the same skilful work as currently hardly no man is able to perform. However, such a machine will still not be a human, neither in form and even less so according to its inner free acting reality; since it does not have a free will and forever cannot perform an independent action for it self. What the will of man has put into it, will be carried out by it and never ever anything else.

[04] Man can do out of himself everything he ever wants, and nobody can prevent him from doing so. And as such man can do with this earth which carries and feeds his body, what he wants and must in most cases be educated by the consequences, to whether his will was good or bad.

[05] Therefore every person has reason and from it an originating mind. He therefore can be made wise by teachings, by outer laws and by all kinds of experiences and can then choose what is good, right and true and direct himself to act accordingly; but in this process he still suffers no coercion, for he himself freely chooses what he recognizes as good, right and true.

[06] That man in most cases out of temporary interest treads everything often recognized as good, right and true with his feet and with his actions does exactly the opposite, we can experience tangibly daily from hundreds of examples, and from this it in turn can be deduced that the freedom of the human will cannot be endangered or limited by anything. And as such it is possible that in time man can invent great things which can begin to influence nature of this earth to such an extend that it finally must become leak. The results of it will of course not be pleasant and will appear as a certain punishment for the badly applied will, however not in anyway willed by Me, but brought about by the will of man.

[07] If man wants a recurrence of the Deluge, they just have to zealously level and hole the mountains, and thereby open the floodgates of the underground reservoirs! If they want to see the whole earth in flames, they just have to zealously destroy all forests and the nature spirits (electricity) will increase to such an extent that the earth at once will be covered by a lightning-fast sea of fire! Will it then also be Me who wanted to punish the earth with fire?! Therefore teach the people to be wise, otherwise they will adjure the judgements over themselves! I know that it will come to it and still, I cannot interfere to prevent it with My almightiness, but only by teaching. – Do you understand this?”


More than sixty years before Edwin Hubble discovered additional galaxies in the nebula of M31, NGC6822 and M33 in 1925 and thereby revolutionizing the then current view of the cosmos, the New Revelation explains in great detail the structure of the universe, consisting of billions and billions of galaxies. The New Revelation however also postulates the structuring of galaxies whereby millions of planetary suns orbit a central galaxy son, where millions of planetary-sun-galaxies orbit a much bigger central supergalaxy- sun and where in turn hundred-thousands of super-galaxies orbit around an even so much bigger super-super galaxy-sun. On the final level these immeasurable gigantic super-super-galaxies are circling around one fixed, central, undescribable large universe sun (Great Gospel of John vol. 6, paragraph 5-8). The volume and light intensity of each galaxy sun always supercedes the combined volume of all galaxyand planetary suns including all the planets and moons orbiting around it, by many thousand times. Such a complete universe structure is then encapsulated by an outer unpenetrateable shell, hence such a universe is called a ‘shell-globe’. Standing on the edge of such a shell-globe, the next shell-globe would be visible as a tiny shimmering pinhead in the very distant space. The number of shell-globes present in endless space can be compared to the number of atoms in a human body. It remains to be seen whether modern science can or will discover a super-galaxy.

Far fetched? Listen to this: At the end of a prolonged intellectual contest between the famous theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking from Cambridge University and Professor Kip Thorne from Caltech. Professor Hawking finally conceded to the findings of Professor Thorne that information in a black hole cannot be destroyed, but at the same time stated that this phenomena is an indication of the existence of a second universe.


In the Great Gospel of John vol. 4, chapter 105 a detailed description is given about the origin of our universe (‘shell-globe’). This description coincides very well with the current widely accepted scientific view of the origin of the universe, namely the ‘big bang’ theory, first introduced by Georges Lemaître in 1927, more than 60 years after publication of the NR. The only difference between the model as proposed in the New Revelation and the model of modern science exists therein that the New Revelation proposes an explosion in stages, whereas modern science suggests a one off explosion. Modern science also postulates an original tiny, highly condensed lump of matter while the NR states an original, endlessly large lump of matter. In harmony with the structure of the universe, the New Revelation presents an original first explosion on the indescribable large central universe sun, whereby the central suns of supersuper galaxies were formed. Only after billions and billions of years of consolidation of the super-super galaxy suns from the nebula originating from the first explosion, did secondary explosion occurred on the super-super galaxy suns to form in turn super-galaxy suns. Again after unimaginable long periods of consolidation from nebula remnants of the secondary explosion, third level explosions started to occur on the super-galaxy suns to form galaxy suns from which in turn planetary suns started to form, which in turn gave birth to the planets. It is also important to note that with each level of explosion, the respective host sun did not disappear after the explosion but remained in tact as a sun and only lost some of its matter in the process.

Although it is in general the case that the planets of a particular solar system have originated from that specific sun, our earth however is an exemption. It is stated in the New Revelation that this earth originates from the central universe (‘shell-globe’) sun (Great Gospel of John,vol. 4, chapter 106). Also modern science suggests that our earth could not have been formed by our sun because the pressure and temperature conditions on our sun are not sufficient to have produced the many different freely occurring elements found on this earth (J Mussard, God and Chance, 1965).

In this context it should be noted that the New Revelation regards matter as spirit under judgement. Thus matter originates from spirit and never ever the other way round. All visible and measurable physical phenomena occur because of underlying spiritual phenomena which are not visible to the senses of the body. Therefore the explanations of physical phenomena in the New Revelation are always accompanied by the initiating spiritual phenomena. However, to understand spiritual phenomena, the humbleness of the heart is a basic requirement.

Further scientific revelations


Many more scientific facts are foretold in the New Revelation, especially with regard to the structure of the atom, the dual character of light, the forming of matter, etc. For discussions on these topics the reader is referred to a booklet written by Prof. Kurt Eggenstein, where a detailed comparison is given between what is stated in the New Revelation and the view of modern science. Prof Eggenstein also provides a proper reference list of all the authors and their scientific findings. The booklet title is “The Unknown Prophet Jakob Lorber” by Kurt Eggenstein, published in 1973 by the Lorber Verlag, Bietigheim, Germany.


It is highly inconceivable that all the predictions above made before 1864, are the result of an overheated imagination of one man. Even for the sharp critics it is difficult to deny a higher spiritual influence in the works of such magnitude and depth. With regard to the question whether such higher spiritual involvement is of a positive or negative nature, one has to ask the question: “W hy would any negative influence or force try to warn mankind of coming future catastrophes based on mankind’s ill conceived actions?” It is after all the negative influences’ or forces’ (whoever they are) goal to guide mankind to follow a road of destruction. Why suddenly a one-eighty degree turnaround by the negative forces to warn mankind against its own goals!? This is a cul-de-sac argument. Because it is undeniable the purpose of the New Revelation and its Author to tell mankind about its wrongdoings, to tell mankind about the consequences of its wrongdoings and to tell mankind how to mend its ways to avoid the negative consequences. And still today, with all the scientific data at hand, the environmentalists and scientists find it quite difficult to convince the world to change its ways.


One of the most obvious questions requiring an answer when it comes to prophesies or new revelations is, why. Why does the Christian world on top of the Bible needs an additional revelation?

When looking at the documentary film of Al Gore, “An Inconvenient Truth”, it is fair to state that many leading scientists and many ordinary folks around the globe believe that mankind is standing on the brink of major change, caused by the systematic destruction of the environment. This view of the scientist have also been echoed by many present and past Christian theologians, perhaps from a somewhat different viewpoint, but nevertheless agreeing that the earth is heading towards disaster. The question now arises, who is/was responsible for this to happen?

It cannot be denied that the largest portion of the destruction of our environment was caused by an uncontrolled development and application of technology to suit human needs. Overwhelmingly this need was driven by excessive greed, of which the recent international financial crisis (2008-2009) is an overpowering example. But when looking more closely to who were the main initiators, it again cannot be denied that during the past 300 years the western Christian nations played a leading roll, with eastern non- Christian nation following in their footsteps. It were the Christians of Europe who spread Christianity and western technology over the globe. If all this is undeniable fact, how was it then possible that the Christian western world, carrying the message of peace and salvation of Christ into the world, clerics and non clerics alike, could have lead the world to the brink of disaster instead to salvation?

There are only two possible answers to this question: Either the Christian message is a fake from the beginning, or the original Christian message is true but was not properly understood and thus wrongly applied by its followers. It is as simple as this. If Christians in this world do not want to see their faith as a fake, they have to accept responsibility for not understanding, applying and conveying the Christian believe correctly. Because if the leading Christian nations of the past 300 years would have understood and applied the Christian faith correctly, it could never lead the world towards destruction but only to spiritual prosperity and salvation.

If God does not want to and cannot interfere with the free will of man on this earth, He will do what He has done for the past 6,000, namely to educate mankind (see the Bible). He will send messengers into the world to re-educate Christians all over the world with teachings that will first of all tie up with previous teachings and secondly provide mankind with new information linked to the present state of mind of mankind. It would do no good bringing technologically advanced mankind of twentieth century a message like the Old Testament. A new revelation would require explaining to mankind the situation he finds himself in right now.


Adding to the above established credentials of the NR, one should also look at the very source of existing prophecies and revelations, namely the Bible, for confirmation of further future prophecies and revelations. Following are quotes from the Bible in support to future extensions of the Bible (quotes are taken from the American Standard Bible).

In John 16, 12-14 Jesus says: [12] “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. [13] Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he shall guide you into all the truth: for he shall not speak from himself; but what things soever he shall hear, these' shall he speak: and he shall declare unto you the things that are to come. [14] He shall glorify me: for he shall take of mine, and shall declareit’ unto you.”

And further on in verse 25 He says: “These things have I spoken unto you in dark sayings: the hour cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in dark sayings, but shall tell you plainly of the Father.” In John 20, 30 Jesus says: “Many other signs therefore did Jesus in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book…”

And also in John 21, 25 it says: “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that should be written.”

So, when is the time right for the fulfilment of the above promises and indications of all the other things Jesus did? Were we just told about the many other things Jesus did, with the intention that the world in eternity will never learn about them? The above should be sufficient indications that future extension of the Bible can be expected. However, the following quotes are also in support of further prophecies.

1 Thess. 5:[19] “Quench not the Spirit; [20] despise not prophesyings; [21] prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”

Jesus also says in Math. 10, [41] “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward: and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man’s reward.” W hy would Jesus make a statement like this, if there are no prophets to come after completion of the New Testament? Further down in verse 40 Jesus makes a clear distinction between apostles, prophets and teachers, which is confirmed in 1 Cor. 12, 27-31 and also in Eph 4,11.

And finally in 1 Cor. 14,[29] “And let the prophets speak `by’ two or three, and let the others discern. [30] But if a revelation be made to another sitting by, let the first keep silence.”, clearly signifying the superiority of a revelation above a prophecy.


It would be a challenge to find in the whole of literature of the past two-thousand years any writings matching the NR with regard to the manner of comprehensiveness and meaningfulness in which the micro-cosmos, the macro-cosmos, the physical world, the spiritual world, religion and general and specific human behaviour are linked together. All it takes to understand the deepest secrets of life are a humble open heart and accepting the fact that true science goes far beyond what the senses can pertain.


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