(By Albert Hoffmann 2009)

[01] Beginning with the Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle who said science is everything pertaining to the senses, official science since then has become so obsessed with the science of matter that it forgot all about spiritual science which does not pertain to the senses. Developing science without spiritual knowledge is similar to locking up young students in a superlarge, all encompassing, pitch black dark museum and asking them to obtain their doctoral degrees in the various scientific fields of study. Just imagine feeling your way through utter darkness and trying to make sense of it all. And if after many years of study someone comes along and suddenly switches on the lights, what such an eye opener must go through the minds of the students. Well, for your information my colleagues in science, the lights have already been switched on, we just haven’t been paying attention and noticing it.

[02] By following the current mainstream approach to science we in fact have excluded the biggest portion of universally existing knowledge and want to solve material scientific phenomena with only a minutest fraction of a fraction of total available knowledge. Besides, studying and applying scientific phenomena without the originating foundational spiritual knowledge is like building a house from the roof down to the foundation. It is thus the purpose of this article to shed some light on that part which was for far too long excluded from official science by Aristotle and his modern day followers, namely the science which does not pertain to the senses the realm of the spirit. This is a comprehensive model including all aspects of creation, spiritual as well as physical, and finally leads to the answer of where we are coming from, what is our purpose here on earth and where are we going to in the beyond. The model in particular shows that the creation originated from intelligence and not from matter at all. But in order to begin to understand spiritual science one needs an entirely different set of tools than used by material science, namely humility, love, divine mercy and a good will.

[03] The main source for this model are the writings of the modern day Christian Prophet Jakob Lorber. For twentyfive years of his life, between 1840 and 1865, this humble, simple man wrote down twentyfive volumes in print what the Lord had dictated to him through the inner voice. These books are referred to as the New Revelation (NR). By this work the Lord kept His promise when He said: “These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father.” John 16:25 (King James Version [KJV]). SF Schumacher, British economist and philosopher, who became famous through his book “Small is beautiful”, refers to the writings of Lorber in his book “A Guide for the Perplexed” as follows: “They (the books of the NR) contain many strange things which are unacceptable to modern mentality, but at the same time contain such plethora of high wisdom and insight that it would be difficult to find anything more impressive in the whole of world literature.” Most of the Lorber books can be purchased from in English. The bulk of the Lorber books can also be found in pdf format at

[04] Einstein taught us that mass equals energy. But what he did not tell us, whether intentional or not, is that energy equals intelligence. This would have opened the door for material science and spiritual science or for that matter religion, to find common ground for a meaningful dialogue. Energy is measureable and that makes it already more an aspect of matter than intelligence and forms only an outer expression of intelligence. Therefore energy cannot exist without intelligence. The very fact that a plant seed carries the potential in it to infinitely multiply itself, including the plant’s response to its environment with regard to light, temperature, moisture, and nutrients, how to set up osmose, when to grow leaves and finally when to blossom and transferring all that intelligence into the next seed is all this a result of energy or intelligence? Aren’t we all familiar with the experiments carried out by Dr Masaru Emoto during the 1990s proving the intelligence of water? If a very basic mineral as water has intelligence, is it so far fetched to assume that all other minerals also must have intelligence, not to mention higher level organisms? The recent studies regarding plant intelligence, e.g. the response of plants to music, etc. is already making inroads to scientific published papers and hopefully will continue despite the lack of a profit motive. But to explain and understand spiritual phenomena by means of material comprehension and reasoning is already a way of putting the cart before the horse.

[05] But here is an example. Science very accurately defined the magnetic field around an ordinary magnet. But still today science cannot tell us what this magnetic field actually is. It is in fact spiritual intelligence. The measureable and exploitable effects of the magnetic field are just the outer expression of its inherent intelligence.

[06] All the intelligence/information/knowledge of present, past and future, thus eternal time backwards and eternal time forward, already exist. It is just a matter of timing for mankind to discover bit by bit the already existing information. Figuratively speaking on a scale of one to infinity man’s collective knowledge until now has progressed only just beyond one.

[07] The physical and chemical properties of atoms and molecules are the outer expression corresponding to the inherent intelligence of matter. These intelligence particles which are forming the inner life of material particles, are held together under judgement by God’s will. If God withdraws His will from any piece of matter, it would immediately dissolve into its primordial intelligence particles which are of an intelligent spiritual nature. Thus all matter is a compendium of an infinite number of intelligence particles. Consequently the physical universe consists of matter in various stages of intelligence development.

[08] The broadest classification of matter is the mineral kingdom (including fluids and gasses), the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. Where the mineral kingdom contains still very primitive intelligence compendiums, while increasingly higher levels of intelligence compendiums occur in plants and still higher in animals. Intelligence compendiums can exist without a material shell but matter cannot exist without intelligence compendiums. The eternal process of decaying and reformation of matter in a different form, as we observe it in nature, is the outer visible result of the process of increasing intelligence development to a higher level of being. Thus intelligence compendiums are conscious, memorycapable, living entities also referred to as nature spirits who always strive to form higher levels of intelligence by related unification with each other. It goes without saying that man forms the highest level of intelligence.

[09] Even on the most primitive level, namely in space, these intelligence particles are conscious of their existence, they have the necessary intelligence to unite themselves with other “likeminded” particles to increase their intelligence in a combined state. They also have the intelligence to draw from spiritual light the particular food akin to them. And they carry a lot of energy/power in them. The very reason why scientists are talking of spaceenergy. Furthermore these intelligence particles and intelligence compendiums retain all experiences gained and carry it to and apply it on the next level of development. They also form the prime source of food for all physical heavenly bodies orbiting through space.

[10] The five senses of man can only experience the outer shell processes of the physical world. But man’s five senses are not capable to observe the inner spiritual processes of development. This being the main reason why man attaches himself so closely to matter while ignoring the actual living inner spiritual world. Man’s science thus focus only on the outer dead shell processes of matter to firstly serve his basic physical needs and secondly for the purpose of power, profit and luxurious style of living. Ignoring the inner spiritual realm has of course consequences as can be seen by the numerous environmental challenges the world is facing today due to the misappropriation of the environment which in turn is the result of the complete ignorance of the spiritual origin of matter. For example, if man continues destroying the rainforests of the world and thereby releasing myriads of otherwise properly occupied naturespirits into the atmosphere, these still raw naturespirits suddenly being forcefully freed from their work in the forests in infinitive numbers, assemble in masses in the atmosphere, forming destructive typhoons and hurricanes. Modern man has separated himself from God to such an extent that we believe that newer, more enhanced, better technology will solve our problems which we created with older technology. It almost seems as if man has replaced God with technology.

[11] Everything that man has discovered or invented since the entire human history has an intellectual spiritual origin. We already established that every thought or idea is of a spiritual nature. Irrespective of how large or how small the structure or ideology man has built, it is the original idea behind it which gives it meaning. It is indeed very strange that the very commodity, namely intelligence, which man prides himself the most, especially scientists, he ignores entirely when it comes to practising science. So everything man does, has an intelligent origin. But when it comes to nature or the physical universe which is endlessly more sophisticated and complex than anything man has ever invented and ever will invent, the same scientist claim that it is all a coincidence of blind, unconscious forces of nature. Now, if this is not a contradiction and absurdity of unlimited proportions, we might just as well return to the claim that the earth is flat.

[12a] Endless space, stretching to infinity beyond the borders of the physical creation, is filled with intelligence or the spirit. This intelligence existed forever. It is now not that difficult to imagine that in this vast, infinite, everlasting space of intelligence, a supreme, omnipotent, central, self conscious, highest intelligencebeing must have been present since eternity and in fact is infinityintelligence itself namely God. This is exactly what the Apostle John meant when he wrote: “ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him;” The term “beginning” is not the term originally used by John but is just a poor translation over time. ‘Beginning’ implies that there was a time related beginning which is not true. Therefore ‘Beginning’ should be replaced by something like “Since eternity” or “Ever since”.

[12b] The Scriptures tells us that God consists of the Father, the Son and the holy Ghost leading many Christian sects to erroneously believe in a three person deity. The real meaning of the divine trinity is where the Father represents the love in God, the Son is the wisdom in God and the holy Spirit is the will or power of God, making up only one God with love forming the most inner essence of God. This trinity is then also present in every human being since we have been created in the image of God. The analogy here is light consisting of warmth (love), light (wisdom) and the power (holy spirit) going forth from warmth and light. None of the three components of light can exist on its own. Wherever there is warmth, there is also light and power and vice versa. It is the same with the divine Trinity. When it is thus stated that the Son or the light came into this world, it implies that God came in the form of wisdom to His creatures to teach them the love of the Father.

[13] As thoughts and ideas of God we also existed since eternity in God. But at some time it pleased God to put these thoughts of Him outside of Himself, which means outside of His almightiness, as totally free, selfconscious, intelligent, living beings. By this we became the created with a beginning while God is uncreated, without a beginning, hence eternal existence. God’s intention was to create independent beings who could/would love Him out of their own free will. By doing so, God fully realized the risk that the created beings, because of their free will, might also choose to reject Him and His order. In which case the educational process will take much longer than for those spirits who realized from the very beginning that the highest freedom and highest inner fulfilment can only be achieved by loving God and accepting God’s order. It is important to note here that it is a testimony to God’s perfectness being able to create beings who are able to act contrary to His order and thereby being in charge of their own destiny. This statement is necessary because it is often argued: ‘How is it possible for a perfect, omniscient God to have created such imperfect human beings who live in this world and are responsible for unthinkable evilness.’

[14] It was never the original intention of God to create a physical creation. It was rather a consequential necessity resulting from the free will of the spirits. The creations of the spiritual realm are anyway endlessly surpassing the physical creations in splendour, magnificence, lifeliness, truth, fulfillment, meaning and lasting existence. God’s creations existed for eternities before the physical creation and will eventually continue to exist in eternity after the final freeing of the last spirit particle from matter, implying the dissolution of the last physical sun in space. Thus each human being ever lived or living on this earth was already created spiritually aeons of galactic years before the first physical sun began to float in space (61 galactic years according to modern science).

[15] Man says: “I love to go fishing” or “I love to build myself a house” or “I love to build a bridge” or “I love to get married and have children” or “I love to build a factory”. Once the love impulse is created, we move to the next stage namely applying wisdom and intelligence to plan how to achieve what we love. Only then do we apply our inherent power to extract from the materials (nature) around us to substantiate what we love and what we planned. We are only able to act in this manner because we also have been created in this very same manner by God. Thus, what we love is what we are and therefore love is the very essence of life in us. Thus, if someone loves vices, then vices are his life. Just taking away all the vices from such a person means taking away his life and leaving him with almost no love at all, resulting in this person inevitably becoming suicidal. Precisely what Shakespeare wanted to tell us on a deeper level with Romeo and Juliet. This is why the whole Bible and also the NR can be summerized in one sentence: “Love God above all and your neighbour like yourself”. Since any other form of love not based on the latter only leads to spiritual imprisonment.

[16] From all the above there is an all important lesson to be learned: Anything physical only exists because it has been created by intelligent, living, spiritual forces. Therefore anything spiritual could never have been created by anything physical because the spirit is the very constituent of matter. The bombshell consequence for official science is that the human brain could not have been the origin of only one single thought! The human brain, in analogous terms, is only a very complicated harddrive to store information. A mixture of carbon and hydrogen particles, by themselves the result of intelligence or spiritual forces, could never be responsible for creating something spiritual like a thought. This brings us now to a higher living entity inside us, namely the soul and the spirit.

[17] Just like the body consists of an almost infinitive number of atoms and molecules, also the soul in man, a substantial, indestructible entity, also consists of an infinitive number of corresponding intelligence particles. The soul has a form which continues to exist even after leaving the physical body. It must be understood that body, soul and spirit, although three distinguishable entities with entirely different properties, still function in combination as one human being.

[18] It is not necessary to say much about the body because science has done a pretty good job in this regard already. The ultimate being the discovery of DNA which brings us again to the border region between intelligence or the spirit and matter. But it needs to be clarified that the body, so to speak, has a life of its own of which the soul knows nothing about. This is the functioning of cells and organs to which the life is provided for by the spirit. The moment the spirit together with the soul leave the body, all functions in the body cease to operate. The soul is connected to the body through a ‘nervespirit’. The body on its own cannot feel any pain, it is the soul and the spirit in man feeling pain. The anesthetic temporarily cuts off this connection for the doctor to carry out an operation. The body is just a necessary means for the development of the soul which is the actual goal. However, since the spiritual composition of man has been lost over time, man gradually made the means (the temporary body) the goal, while the actual goal, the indestructible, everlasting soul inside us, has been forgotten and neglected. All our energy, focus, time and ingenuity is to please the needs of the temporary body. This is why Jesus tells us that the Son of Man does not even own a rock to put his head on. Why would anybody regard the spoon which is used to put food into our mouths more important than the food itself on the spoon?

[19] The spirit is a perfect reflection of God in man. Thus the spirit in us is perfect in all respects just as God is perfect. Through the spirit God lives in us. Imagine this like holding a mirror towards the sun. The mirror reflects all the properties of the sun’s light but the image inside the mirror is not the sun itself, it is just a reflection. This is the very reason why it is written that man was created in the image of God. The spirit does not have form itself but it is the reason and provider of the form and life of the soul and the body. This notion of a perfect, omniscience being dwelling inside us is not only a religious argument but modern day thinkers like Carl Jung and especially later also Scott Peck in his bestseller “The Road Less Travelled” have made reference to an all intelligent, all knowledgeable being inside us. The immediate consequential question arises: If we carry a perfect Godlike spirit inside us, how is it possible for man to have carried out the greatest and worst atrocities imaginable over the past few thousand years?

[20] The answer to this question brings us to the soul in man. The collective intelligence of the soul on its own can be compared to that of an intelligent animal like an ape. But this relative limited intelligence is sufficient to assimilate a small portion of the perfect intelligence of the divine spirit inside us. For some people a little more, for others a little less. Which provides the reason for the difference in intelligence of man. It is the small added portion of the spirit’s intelligence in the soul which sets man apart from animals and provides him with the ability of higher reason.Together with this induced intelligence from the spirit in the soul, the soul is also equipped by God with a free will. The soul, a spiritual entity, on its own does not have the means to see or experience the physical world. To be able to do this the soul uses the brain. The brain collects all the information from the material world through the senses and stores this in the brain. The soul has the ability to comprehend and interpret these audibleseefeelsmelltaste pictures in the brain and assesses them with its own intelligence and the limited intelligence it receives from the spirit. So the intelligent soul equipped with a free will and added intelligence from the spirit, has the ability for higher reasoning, decision making and to act accordingly. To act in the physical sphere, the soul uses the body. Thus the soul is ultimately responsible for the actions of the body. Matter thus, is a platform God created for the soul and spirit to rebuild itself.

[21] Here you have a perfect human being equipped with a free will to do good or bad as it pleases itself. If the soul is thus exposed to constant bad information from the material world and adheres to the desires of the still raw and unfermented intelligence particles of the body, it will begin to act more and more in a material selfish manner. In this way the soul is increasingly separating itself from its spirit, relies more and more on its own intellect to explain the world around itself, becomes spiritually blind and begins to deny all spiritual existence and finally also denies God. The soul thus starts to merge with the intelligence of its flesh, which is a very sad state of affairs which then needs to be remedied by the grace of God through hardship. If the soul, however, exercises herself to listen to the very subtle notions of her spirit (conscience), and pays attention to external revelations, it will start to do good. But the ultimate goal of every soul here on earth is supposed to be searching for, recognizing and finally to start loving its Creator by way of its actions not only its intentions. Don’t we expect our children to adhere to their parents education, respect and love them? But we don’t want to coerce our children to love us, no, we want them to love us out of their free will and simply for the sake that we are their parents. Is it then so unusual for God to expect the same from us? The difference is that God knows every human being up to the last or first tiniest particle of being and therefore knows exactly how to educate man to finally lead him to utter freedom and utter, eternal bliss irrespective of how long it takes.

[22] At this point it should be mentioned that God created an order before creating His creatures. God’s order is analogous to the constitution of a country which provides the guidelines or framework under which the citizens of that county interact with each other. One of the provisions of God’s order is that if a free creature acts contrary to God’s order, it gradually loses its freedom. This is quite obvious since only in the perfect God can exist the highest degree of freedom. Moving away from God’s most perfect order and highest degree of freedom must inevitably lead to a loss of freedom. Very much the same as we do with individuals who transgress public order, we imprison them. Can we therefore judge a judge because he sentences a criminal to prison? Of course not, the perpetrator is doing it to himself according to the constitution of that country. In God’s order, imprisonment takes place whereby the spirit is separated from its spiritual body (the soul) and the soul particles transform into matter. When about one third of the original created spirits rebelled against the order of God under the leadership of the first created spirit, the physical creation came into being. Initially as a fine cosmic nebula which increasingly became denser to eventually consolidating into an unmeasurable, endless huge lump of matter.

[23] Another provision of God’s order is that anything ever created, either by God Himself or by any of His creatures, can forever not be destroyed anymore. This also applies to all our thoughts we create good or bad. However, God’s infinite mercy allows for evil creations of the creatures, to be transformed into something good, provided we are willing to recognize our evilness and are prepared to make sacrifices to rectify it with the help of the Lord. With our thoughts and actions we build/create a spiritual surrounding for ourselves in a corresponding manner, good and evil. This eventually forms the surrounding in which we live once the soul and spirit leaves the body. Ever wondered what the resurrection of the flesh after death means? Well, this is it. Here also the principal applies where it says that those who have (have grown spiritually to love the Lord) will be given more and those who have little (worked only for themselves, pursued mainly material objectives, and have grown little spiritually), even the little will be taken away from them.

[24] If nothing that have ever been created cannot be destroyed again, it follows that death as we might imagine it, implying that something changes into nothingness, simply cannot exist. Material death is thus just a change of state, namely from an imprisoned state to a liberated state of the spirit. But there also exists something like a spiritual death. Spiritual death means the separation of the spirit from its soul as in case with all matter except the human body. In people the spirit is semi united with it’s soul in a suitable growing pot, namely the body. Why semiunited? It is easy to imagine that the all powerful, omniscient, godlike spirit cannot in an instant be reunited with its rather imperfect soul (though also an intelligent spiritual entity) which just emerged from a long line of growing development stages in and out of matter. The soul at that stage is by far not strong enough to hold this godlike spirit. The soul must therefore first be made durable through a life of truthful spiritual education and exercise of humility, love and selfdenial so that it can become sufficiently strong to be able to fully reunite with the spirit. Selfdenial serves to loosen the ties between the body and the soul and at the same time strengthens the ties between the soul and the spirit. And this of course is the real meaning of the rebirth of the spirit in man. By this process man becomes perfect again as the Father in heaven is perfect. All human suffering, may it be illness, accidents, natural disasters or wars of all kinds, is allowed by God to first prevent the soul to merge too deeply with its flesh and also loosen the soul from its material ambitions and secondly to promote the process of strengthening the soul so that it eventually can reunite with its spirit as soon as possible either already here on earth or on a much harder and much longer development path in the beyond. True spiritual growth can only occur through the expense of matter while there is only very little or no growth at all in song, dance and laughter.

[25] The following is very important because it goes to the very core of Christianity but at the same time is misunderstood by most of all Christian denominations. The sacrifice the incarnated God suffered at the cross in Jesus the Son of Man out of an indescribable love for His creatures, did free our spirit from sin but not our soul. It is still up to every individual to cleanse his own soul with the means the Lord has equipped us with, namely a strong omniscient purified spirit which is the life of God in us and many internal and external revelations to guide us, to search for God, to recognize God and to start loving God which eventually will lead us to understand where are we coming from, what is our purpose here on earth and what our destination is in the beyond. This principal applies to kings as well as beggars and to all human beings all over this and the infinite number of all other universes of God’s material and spiritual creation. Because our spirit has been purified by God the Son of Man in Jesus, just makes it so much easier for us to cleanse our soul but nevertheless we still have to work hard to achieve the said goal and cannot just sit back and expect for the cooked food to enter our mouth. This is contrary to general Christians who believe that God has died for our sins and that there is very little we can do about the salvation of our souls. We just have to believe in God and God will take care of the rest and we carry on as usual. This is not so, the soul can and must purify herself through a humble belief in its Creator, to abstain from materialism and thereby making herself worthy of the mercy of God. This does not imply living a life in seclusion because thereby the individual only serves himself and not the greater good. It means that one still has to fully participate in life to serve your neighbor but at the same time one should not forget from whom one received it all in the first place.

[26a] In paragraph [22] we left off with the imprisonment of the fallen spirits in an almost endless large lump of matter. It goes without saying that the imprisoned spirits, having enjoyed the absolute freedom in the spirit world for aeons, were protesting vehemently against this new limited environment. This violent protest led to the explosion of the initial lump (the primaryorder lump or central universe sun) whereby thousands of smaller lumps were flung out into space forming secondorder suns. Through this explosion of unlimited proportions the original lump lost only a fraction of its total mass while left intact with the remaining mass. The separated lumps started to settle into orbits around the primal body which is stationary and orbits only around its own axis. Then the separated lumps (secondorder suns) exploded again to form thirdorder bodies which started to orbit the secondorder lumps. Also the secondorder bodies lost only a fraction of their total mass which in turn divided into millions of thirdorder bodies. After another settling period the thirdorder bodies exploded again forming billions of fourthorder bodies (central galaxy suns). The fourthorder bodies finally gave birth to trillions of fifthorder bodies which are called planetary suns from which the planets originated. Thus billions of planetary suns orbiting one fourthorder body (sun) are called a galaxy. Millions of galaxies in turn are orbiting one thirdorder body (sun) to form a super galaxy. Millions of super galaxies are orbiting one secondorder sun to form a supersuper galaxy. And all the supersuper galaxies are orbiting the one central, stationary universe sun which in size is many million times bigger in volume and mass than all its surrounding suns and planets combined.

[26b] The New Revelation very accurately predicted the discovery of many billions of galaxies sixtyfive years before the astronomer Edwin Hubble reported that the nebulae in M31, NGC6822 and M33 were in fact galaxies. Only after completion of the 5m telescope on Mount Palomar in 1949 (84 years after Lorber), was the truly enormous number of galaxies recognized. It remains to be seen if/when science will discover the first super galaxy. The New Revelation (before 1865) also describes in great detail the existence of many trillions of exoplanets of which the first was only discovered by modern science in 1988. For a scientific comparison between the predictions found in the New Revelation and official science, the reader is referred to the booklet by Professor Kurt Eggenstein, “The Unknown Prophet Jakob Lorber”, available from Already before 1865, amongst others, the New Revelation also warned mankind about weapons of mass destruction, the cold war, the pollution of the atmosphere, the consequences of deforestation, and also foretold the coming of the internet. A summary of predictions of the New Revelation is given in “Coming Catastrophes and True Christianity” by Kurt Eggenstein and the article “Credentials of the Christian Prophet Jakob Lorber”, which can be found under

[27a] In summary it can be said that infinitive space is filled with intelligence, namely the spirit. God is the one supreme, all encompassing, omniscience, omnipotent, most conscious living Being and Creator of this infinite universe of the spirit and existed forever. Out of Himself His love, His wisdom and His power God created an infinite number of perfect, godlike, free thinking, acting and endlessly intelligent spirits from the existing pool of intelligence particles for the sole purpose to interact with God freely and above all, love Him and through Him create new spiritual worlds. Some of these free acting spirits, however, rejected the order of their Creator and lost their freedom, whereby matter was created in a small part of endless space. The souls of these spirits were split up in its primordial intelligent particles and imprisoned in matter. But also their corresponding spirits were banned into matter. And in this way the physical universe came into being and forms according to God’s infinite wisdom the platform for the fallen spirits to rebuild themselves. Particle by particle, piece by piece over many billions of years the soulparticles are released from matter through the physical processes of formation and decaying of matter but the inner spiritual process of accumulation to higher forms of intelligence. Progressing through the infinite stages of the mineral, plant and animal kingdom, the soul eventually reaches the state of a human being where its originally separated spirit is put back into the soul (however in a tightly bound enclosure) for the final leg of its physical journey through matter. After which the soul and the spirit, once reborn, enter an everlasting, creative and endlessly blessed life in the spiritual realm from where it originated many, many aeons before. This process explains all cosmological, geological and biological phases of creation. It applies to this earth as well as the many billions and trillions of suns and planets in our physical universe where the human form is universal throughout. It explains why the earth went through a major coal forming phase (plants) in its early history, followed by an explosion of primitive animals (dinosaurs) which again was followed by more modern mammals up to the various types of neanderthallike animals which were quite intelligent animals capable of building stone dams similar to beaver dams and even hunted with primitive tools, but were nevertheless not yet carriers of a divine spirit. Only about six thousand years ago, Adam was created by God carrying an everlasting, indestructible soul and divine spirit and thereby formed the start of the modern human race. Genesis 1 was never meant to explain the formation of the physical creation but in the long lost language of correspondence Moses described the process of regeneration of man.

[27b] On a more personal level it is important for man to understand the trinity of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit or the will of God) who incarnated Himself as Jesus Christ to teach man the true meaning of life, to make Himself accessible to man as a loving Father and to cleanse our spirit from sin. For in the Old Testament it was written that man cannot see God and live, but this has changed for the New Testament. It is also important for man to understand himself with regard to spirit, soul and body, to know the heritage of his free willing soul, to realize that the body is his hell on a personal level and matter is his hell in general. The body and matter is a necessary means for the soul to achieve a spiritual objective. But this is where Christianity in general has gone astray over the past 2000 years, to make the needs of the body, and by that also matter, the objective, while the actual objective, the spirit, has been forgotten. This is also evident in many religions all over the world, including Christianity, where the religious ceremonies have become more important than its inner meaning. The huge, most impressive churches built during medieval times are also testimony of this shift to an externally orientated religion rather than an inner religion. And if this is not sufficient proof of an external religion than just look how important death has become for modern society, not to mention the memorial tombstones in our cemeteries. Just compare this to the answer of one of our forefathers during the times of Adam when asked by his daughter about his experience of death: “Life in your question, life in you; in breath I was, a tremor rummaged through the ether, the sunbelt burst and I was free, a life in infinity!” This is then the main reason why the Lord regarded it as necessary to give to mankind a new revelation which explains again the Bible and the true inner meaning of Christianity for man to pursue. Thus the soul needs to serve the body as little as possible but should put all her efforts into developing its spirit inside itself. God is a spirit and thus should be worshipped in the spirit. And the best and only place to search, recognize and love Jesus is man’s heart itself.


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