Beyond the Threshold

Beyond the Threshold

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Beyond the Threshold is another example how serious the Lord is about informing mankind about the indestructible existence of the soul. We are told about the experiences of people from various backgrounds, ranging from very famous to very poor, immediately after passing over into the afterlife. It goes to show that people keep on living the very same life they lived here on earth and if necessary create their own environment from their imagination to do so. In this self created world, they are still met by the Lord and his angles in disguise, to try to persuade the passing soul of a better life by turning its inner self to the Lord and follow His advice. But because of the soul’s free will and ingrained inner perceptions, beliefs, desires, passions, etc., they are not that easily convinced otherwise and need to experience in their own way, sometimes in a self-inflicted very painful manner, to change course. It is different though with people who already adopted the Lord’s teachings here on earth and lived accordingly. They are thus much more open to accept the guidance of the Lord and His angels.

Lovingly titled, The New Revelation, consisting of about 25 volumes, dictated to Jakob Lorber between 1840 to 1864, through the inner word by our Lord Jesus Christ, explains to us the creation from the smallest subatomic particle to countless universes. What makes this work so remarkable is that the creation is explained from an integrated spiritual and physical point of view, where everything is interconnected.

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