Intelligence the Foundation of Matter

One of the greatest misconceptions of our time, among scientists and laymen, is that intelligence is a function of the brain. This general misconception has wide-ranging implications and makes us believe that intelligence is a product of matter and that the origin of intelligence can be found by analyzing matter, thereby neglecting the existence of the human soul altogether. It will be shown in this article, based on the revelations received by Jakob Lorber between 1840 and 1864, that the whole physical universe is in fact the product of intelligence. Applying the age-old principle of cause and effect, where matter is just the effect (physical expression or manifestation), broad about by intelligence as the cause.



Contrary to general belief, the Book of Genesis has very little to do with the creation of the physical earth and the physical universe, but is everything about the creation and re-creation of man. The Book of Genesis was written in the language of correspondence to protect its inner spiritual meaning from man’s selfish intent. In this article a general explanation is given of the pictures used by Moses to describe the generation and re-generation of man by the Creator. Note, the seventh day of the creation is still in progress for many aeons to come.



Conducting science without understanding the spiritual foundation and interaction of God, man and nature, is like driving a fully loaded bus with people, blindfolded. The current environmental disasters, threatening the future existence of the entire globe, are proof of this statement. This is why God provided mankind with a comprehensive explanation of the entire creation with the start of the industrial revolution during the mid 1800s. Sadly, this divine intervention has been greatly overlooked by science and the clergy. This article provides some insights into the secrets of creation as revealed by God Himself to mankind.



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