The Spiritual Sun Volume 1
Spiritual Sun 2
The Spiritual Sun Volume 1

The Spiritual Sun

Jakob Lorber

2 Volumes

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In this two volume work titled ‘The Spiritual Sun’ we are taken by the Lord on a guided tour in the afterlife. We find ourselves in the sphere of prominent personalities like the apostles Peter, Mark, Paul and John, the prophet Daniel and the seer Swedenborg. In each of these spheres we are allowed to experience the living conditions and guidance of once departed spirits of a good and evil nature against the backdrop of the most beautiful sunshine filled open landscapes with huge mountain ranges, hills, valleys, lakes, endless meaningful kept gardens, cities, temples, etc. all with a variety, beauty, splendour and awesomeness surpassing all human imagination. Everywhere we are overwhelmed by the infinite patience, love, wisdom and mercy of the Lord all the while strictly observing the soul’s free will. Sprinkled in between we gain insights into the secrets of the physical creation from the earth to central suns.

Lovingly titled, The New Revelation, consisting of about 25 volumes, dictated to Jakob Lorber between 1840 to 1864, through the inner word by our Lord Jesus Christ, explains to us the creation from the smallest subatomic particle to countless universes. What makes this work so remarkable is that the creation is explained from an integrated spiritual and physical point of view, where everything is interconnected.

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