Three Days in the Temple

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Among the 25 volumes dictated to Jakob Lorber by our Lord Jesus Christ, between 1840 and 1864, is this heart warming account of the three days of the twelve year old Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem. We witness how the boy Jesus challenged the priests and pharisees to explain the prophets who predicted the coming of the Messiah. During this session lasting three days, a Roman judge was in charge of the proceedings. Despite a most extraordinary exchange of words, revealing the exceptional talents and powers of the boy from Nazareth, it was not possible for the boy Jesus to convince the clergy that He was the Messiah announced by prophets. We also learn about the surprising response of the Roman judge in response to the stubbornness of the clergy.

Lovingly titled, The New Revelation, consisting of about 25 volumes, dictated to Jakob Lorber between 1840 to 1864, through the inner word by our Lord Jesus Christ, explains to us the creation from the smallest subatomic particle to countless universes. What makes this work so remarkable is that the creation is explained from an integrated spiritual and physical point of view, where everything is interconnected.

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