From Sunsets to Sunrise

From Sunsets to Sunrise

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In the New Revelation received by Jakob Lorber between 1840 tot 1864 from our Lord Jesus Christ, a lot of emphasis is placed to explain with real world examples, the circumstances and surroundings of departed souls in the afterlife. In this book we accompany a bishop leaving this world for the next, where he awakes in a very lonely place, reflecting his inner state of isolation from God and his fellowmen. Through inner contemplation understanding himself, Bishop Martin had to work his way up from a small, desolate, dark place to ever increasing levels of splendour, guided by the endless mercy and wisdom of the Lord Himself. It is shown that the surrounding with regard to the level of illumination, landscapes, cities, buildings, gardens, etc. inside the sphere of a soul corresponds directly to the deepest inner perceptions, beliefs, confirmations, desires, passions, etc. of a person. The closer a person is aligned with the love of the Creator the more bright, beautiful, wondrous and extended his spiritual surrounding. But the guidance of Bishop Martin does not take place in isolation but is intertwined with thousands of people from all kinds of backgrounds and at various levels of spiritual awakening including the Apostles like Peter, John and Paul.

Lovingly titled, The New Revelation, consisting of about 25 volumes, dictated to Jakob Lorber between 1840 to 1864, through the inner word by our Lord Jesus Christ, explains to us the creation from the smallest subatomic particle to countless universes. What makes this work so remarkable is that the creation is explained from an integrated spiritual and physical point of view, where everything is interconnected.

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