Earth and Moon

Earth and Moon

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This work, titled Earth and Moon, is a physical as well as spiritual description of the Earth and the moon. To our greatest surprise we learn that the planet Earth is a living organism containing a heart, lungs, stomach, liver and other intestines just like any mammal but on a gigantic scale and of a suitable strong material. Our reasoning that the inner of the Earth must resemble the outer skin of the Earth is so erroneous as to believe that the outer skin of any animal must resemble its intestines or that the inner of a tree must resemble its bark. As such the Earth is also the mother of all minerals, plants and animals occurring on its surface. Perhaps the most startling revelation is that all matter is a temporary solid shell of inner intelligence clusters growing to ever higher levels of intelligence through the mineral-, plant- and animal kingdom until finally reaching the level of a human soul. In short we are presented with a fully integrated spiritual-physical earth.

It is further stated that the moon has separated from earth, starting out with an elongated elliptic orbit around earth and over many millions of years settling into a circular orbit like today. One of the main functions of the moon is to balance the magnetic field of the earth. The moon also serves as a spiritual correctional institution for departed souls with excessive materialistic desires and inclinations.

Lovingly titled, The New Revelation, consisting of about 25 volumes, dictated to Jakob Lorber between 1840 to 1864, through the inner word by our Lord Jesus Christ, explains to us the creation from the smallest subatomic particle to countless universes. What makes this work so remarkable is that the creation is explained from an integrated spiritual and physical point of view, where everything is interconnected.

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